Real time results online. Every diagnostic image in one interface.

Pliny solves the fragmented and manual access of diagnostic imaging and data and retrieves it in real time to a single interface.
We import legacy data, and integrate with almost everything- significantly increasing accurate clinical outcomes.
Compare Scans
Toggle between scans from different visits on the same screen.
Share Scans
Share specific scans with other practices, download PDFs or send them digitally.
Bilateral View
Display scans of both eyes on a single page. Review between different patient visits.
Automated Patient Notes
Automatically extract findings from scans and use customisable templates to automate patient notes.

Pliny's features integrate your existing systems - Seamlessly.

Read about our features here, and check out our FAQ.

Pliny Benefits:

Pliny is easy to install, simple to use and packed with features.

We ​are ​a cloud based, vendor-neutral data management system that uses smart automations and integrations
We work with equipment manufacturers to  break down silos created by diagnostic equipment and medical software.
By removing noise we help clinicians stay focused on providing high quality care for their patients no matter what equipment they use or where they work.

Archaic Solutions to Current Problems

Complex Data Storage
Often clinical data is stored in multiple systems, across multiple locations using different file formats leaving critical information fragmented and inaccessible.
Expensive Data Management
Recent cost analysis proved buying, maintaining and running on premises hardware and software costs on average upwards of $220,000 over five years.
Inaccurate Clinical Decisions
Lack of accessibility to clinical data at the point of care has been shown to lead to higher variability in patient outcomes.

Pliny is the cure to diagnostic silos.