Frequently asked questions

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What do I need to run Pliny?

You need 2 things to use Pliny to improve your practice.

1. A Pliny Server to receive and store your diagnostic scans

2. Any computer with a web browser.

You do not need to install anything to use Pliny. You can use Pliny on any device with a modern web browser. Use an iPad or Surface tablet and review all your scans as quickly as swiping the screen. No complicated software to install or update!

Does Pliny replace my existing diagnostic information management systems or specialised software?

No, Pliny makes working with your existing diagnostic software better. Pliny works with Zeiss Forum, Zeiss HD-OCT or Heidelberg Heyex and more. Pliny can retrieve and display scans stored in Forum or Heyex. This allows you to take advantage of unifying all your patient scans with Pliny and then open the vendor software with 1 click.

Can Pliny automatically import findings into my EMR/Practice Management System?

Pliny can automatically extract many diagnostic findings from scans and you can create a summary findings template.
You can then copy and paste this information into your EMR or practice management system.

Pliny can automatically push diagnostic findings into Optomate. Other EMRs such as Best Practice, Genie and others are in development.

Where is my patient data stored?

Your patient data is securely stored on your own Pliny Server, located at your practice.

All scans can only be viewed by people connected to your practice network.

Do I need a Pliny server?

Yes, an Pliny server is required at your practice to allow scans to be saved from your diagnostic machines.

Can I use my own server?

Yes, you can use your own server to run Pliny at your practice. You will need a server that can run Docker containers, with a minimum of 2 gigabytes of RAM and enough hard disk capacity for your needs, we recommend a minimum of 1 terabyte (this is sufficient for approximately 50,000 high definition scans).

Please contact us for further information.

Can I access Pliny from anywhere?

As your patient data is stored at your clinic, you must be able to access your clinic network to view scans in Pliny.

Which diagnostic machines is Pliny compatible with?

Pliny can connect to any machine that supports the DICOM networking protocol. This includes nearly every major ocular diagnostic machine in the market.

Where a machine doesn’t support DICOM networking, contact us for information on creating a Pliny plugin to store and view this information.