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Drastically reduce effort and cost while improving clinical outcomes.

your clinical outcomes

Legacy Data Migration
Pliny  migrates disparate data repositories including images, reports, and patient ID's from your existing and legacy devices and I.T to a single cloud server, accessible anytime in the Pliny interface.

We can migrate from any device into one accessible platform.
Device Integration
Our vision at Pliny is to create a brand agnostic eco-system inside every clinic. Pliny integrates with almost any device or PMS, bringing together the entire end to end process with every device.

Never be locked into an eco-system again.
Data Management
We provide these services to support current inclinic devices. This includes lease with vendors, updates to each device, tech support and data backups.

Save $1000's every year on I.T Support costs alone.
Host In the Cloud
Pliny provides Managed Services that host will not just your aggregated images in the cloud, but legacy systems so your clinic can continue to run exactly how you - and your team expect it too.
Personalised Account Management
Technical and Customer support is a standard feature of our subscriptions. You can contact us 24/7. We will be here for you - without further charge.
New Device Installations
All new devices for the life of your subscription. We configured every new device at no extra cost to your clinic - or your patients. Seamless new device configuration is a priority - for you and our team.

Pliny integrates with all your favourite devices.