How Pliny works: Faster, more effectively and with better patient outcomes.

How Pliny Works

Pliny works with multiple diagnostic machines, locations and other software significantly improving clinical decision making.

Pliny securely receives and stores diagnostic scans or reports.
Files are available for users instantly via the local network.
Files are simultaneously uploaded to a secure cloud archivewhere they can be viewed from any modern web browser.

We know Patient Security is paramount.

Only the best systems and processes
Our cloud services are hosted by AWS, the largest web services platform in the world, giving you peace of mind that your data is always available, highly secure and scalable no matter what.

AWS allows for the creation of multiple data repositories that can be customised to your specifications.
Strict adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements
We are Australian based and abide by the APP and data sovereignty laws.

We also offer SSO integration and 2FA support for all user accounts. All data is SSL encrypted in transport and at rest and our cloud services meet US HIPPA requirements.
Highly experienced team
We have a highly experienced team working 24/7 to maintain the availability, security and privacy of the data that we store.

We take our customer feedback seriously and we are always open to implementing new feature suggestions and system improvements for our users.

Pliny integrates with all your favourite tools.

Pliny is the cure to diagnostic silos.