Data Security
Always our Priority.

As a digital health company, we take Cyber Security very seriously.

We have been reviewed by our customers across enterprise, ADF, independent clinicians and multi-site store locations.

With Pliny, All of your Data is Encrypted.

For the first time, DICOM files are full encrypted
with unique technology built by Pliny, for our customers.

Pliny believes in data being yours - Always.

Your data is always your data.

Pliny will never share, sell, migrate, store or lend your data without your explicit and informed consent.

How we keep your data safe while we are custodians of that data is outlined below. For more detail on this read more in our About section.

To find out more, contact us here. We are always happy to answer any questions you have.

Pliny Security: A Snapshot

TLS 1.2
In transport, all patient data is encryptedt in TLS 1.2 or greater.
At rest, all patient data is encryptedt using AES-256 encryption.
Pliny will host your primary data archive in AWS infrastructure in Sydney.
All access is controlled through SSO with mandatory 2FA.
All of our policies and processes are aligned with SOC2 standards.
We use OneTrust Certification Automation platform to manage and document  updates.
We have real time alerts in place in the event of any  security threats.
All  your data is stored in an Amazon S3 Bucket. It is always your data.

Pliny is the cure to diagnostic silos.